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plans1The RIGHT have a right and a duty to think. Thinking is not the reserve of the leftists and the self-styled “progressives”. Far too many people think that it is legitimate to deny the right any platform to think and speak. No. Nobody has the right to deny anybody any platform. We don’t have to go out of our way to give a platform to our enemies. This website exists for those who value what we have in the west, and for people who value who we are, not for the leftists, the race traitors, the anti-whites, the social justice warriors and the Tumblrkin. This is no safe space where minorities are kept safe. This is a space where it is safe even to be white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied and comfortable with the gender role usually assumed to go with the genital anatomy you were born with.

SecularWest.net is intended to be a social network rather than just a website or a forum. That is why I chose the top level domain of .net. It should be a network, an internet phenomenon.

The intention is to run this site like an iceberg, with much of the content and activity not visible on the surface. It is important that you join the site and log-in or you will miss what it is all about.

What it isn’t, of course, is a conspiracy, a seditious movement or literally an underground resistance. Neither is it trying to pretend that it is. If you want to play soldiers go elsewhere, and be home by the time it gets dark.

One of the great advantages of having hidden content is that we can post copies of material which exists elsewhere. And we can post it stripped of the bullshit and adverts, unlike posting on Google+ where everything retains all the commercial crap and the annoying structure designed to force you to click and click and click to get the whole message while all the time your screen is full of click-bait designed to distract you from your quest for enlightenment.collaborators

I am looking for collaborators. This is not a website for consumers or users. I don’t intend to be used. I’m not selling anything. I don’t want your money. I don’t want to absorb all your spare time or just entertain you. We have a world to save. Our society, race, culture and nations are under threat.

I want you on-side, on the team. I want this website to be a resource for the patriotic resistance to cultural Marxist takeover and the invasion by incompatible cultures and people who could and should never be assimilated into our communities. This website should not be somewhere that you read, but somewhere that you also write.

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