Back from the Outer Darkness

I’m back. About a week ago there was a glitch on my home internet connection which resulted in me getting a new IP address. I had set the site to Full Panic, Hammer Boards to The Windows, Maximum Paranoia Mode, this succeeded in me locking myself out of the site. Not good. Not good at all. I needed some assistance. It seems that the Clef sign up didn’t like my new different IP address and was keeping me from logging in. I can do without that kind of help. Now I have got back into the site I have removed the offending add-on and things are now back to a much more straightforward password log-in. All we need to do is to ensure we don’t forget our passwords or use passwords that are too easy to guess: basic stuff.

The best kind of password is one that is easy for a human to remember and hard for a machine to guess. I suggest a modular password system based on a memorable string plus a word and some punctuation, ideally a word that isn’t in standard dictionaries. You must not use the same password everywhere, so they should be tweaked. On my suggestion, my mother took a password that a thief could have guessed in five minutes flat and replaced it with a string that nobody else could know and she could never forget. The secret? Oldest memories. Pick the oldest memorable string of letters and numbers you can remember. She had two registration numbers, one from a car and one from a tractor, both vehicles would have been turned into scrap before I was born, probably twenty years before the Department of Transport had a single computer. She would have forgotten my name before she would forget those numbers.

Martin and van

I am fairly confident that not a single person on this planet knows the registration number of this van. I will never forget it. So I can write doormouseVAN~! in plain sight and I will know what that full password is, and nobody else will. And no, obviously that isn’t a password I am using anywhere.

If the signing on with your phone feature (Clef) was really important to you please let me know. I have disabled the feature rather than removed it from the site, it could be re-established quite quickly if you have a real need for it.

I found it limiting, it stopped me signing in on my netbook, tablet and phone. Logging in should now be much easier for me, which will mean it is easier for me to add new material, which will reinforce the positive spiral of activity stimulating more activity.


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