Just Getting on With it

It is time I just got on with it.

I have had this website on the go for a while now and I keep on neglecting it. No more. I can write pages for this site using my phone. I could write pages anywhere I can get either WiFi or 4G signal, which is pretty much anywhere I am likely to be.

I am writing on my phone right now. It is only slightly slower than typing at home on my desktop PC. I could be creating pages while feeding the ducks. I have automatic spelling corrections as I type and a word count display tells me how much I have written (112 words up to “written”) This is so easy! I can’t believe I haven’t made better use of it.

I will now be doing a big push on the site and looking for more contributors to write and post other material on the site.

For a long time I have planned to be having two tier content. This is now going to happen. There will be hidden content on the site which only people who are logged in can see. This will include links to external sites, more controversial content and swapping of hints and tips as to how to have a bigger impact on social media and spread our messages more effectively.

Secular West is an Alt-Right website but with a broader approach than some. There is no place here for purity signalling and attacking others who are slightly different in their approach. That means Secular West will feature material which is more on the Alt-Light as well as the Alt-Right. There may be material which exposes the threat from Jewish Cultural Marxists rubbing up against videos actually featuring Jewish speakers. That’s not schizophrenia but being open-minded. There will be racial nationalism and civic nationalism, that again is in the interests of open debate. Purity spirals are a dead-end.

There is no place on Secular West for silly ostentatious posturing with skulls, Confederate flags and runes. While I won’t allow people to be doing nothing but attacking the Ku Klux Klan, the NSDAP or the apartheid regime in South Africa we don’t benefit from being associated with such toxic symbols and history. The left and the traditional enemy of our people want us to wrap ourselves in such imagery so I suggest we don’t do anything which makes them happy.

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