The time to build the ark is before it starts raining. We have plenty of good reasons not to trust the authoritarian left and their allies in the social media. YouTube, Google+, Facebook and Twitter are all way too (((echoey))) for my comfort. They are all far too inclined to side with the globalists and race mixers and those who would destroy our identity. It is a corrosive mix of big business and people who consider themselves as revolutionary opponents of traditional family values. They want to see us dead. For now, they want to see us silenced. We must not give them that satisfaction.

We must not retreat, we must advance. But we also need to open up new fronts and build good defensive positions from which we can launch new attacks. If you put all your eggs in one basket you risk that basket getting smashed. We saw that recently with Milo. He built up a huge following on Twitter and he was so focussed on that one account that when it was closed it was a massive blow to him. Milo’s loss is the Alt-Right’s gain. Milo was never Alt-Right and he never will be either. He was always only about being Milo, which as always more about being camp and the centre of attention rather than being in our camp. Now he is trying to carry on as if he has outgrown Twitter and he expects Twitter to wither and die without him. I don’t think that will happen.

I am now redoubling my efforts to make an impact on the world. I have let things slide tremendously. I have got involved in the crack cocaine of social media, Google+. It is very immediate and it can absorb your energies completely. I have now subscribed to so many communities that I can be fighting twenty battles simultaneously, on numerous fronts.
It is addictive, but it isn’t going to have the same impact as writing articles and making videos.

I have been running Secular West dot Net for quite a few months now and it has completely failed to take off. This is a crying shame as it is a great vehicle with the potential to do quite a lot for the struggles. I won’t say struggle because I don’t think we should be in a position where we see everything we do as part of a single joined up struggle. It isn’t. We shouldn’t get to the point where a chart can be drawn up and beliefs can be matched up, Jane believes in abortion on demand and welcomes refugees so we can read along column six and deduce she has a 58% chance of being a vegan, a 76% chance of being a Wiccan and a 96% chance of having her hair died an unnatural colour. We shouldn’t be as predictable as they are. We can have a suite of ideas and campaigns that overlap but we shouldn’t be trying to dragoon people from one sphere to another. We should revel in the complex three-dimensional Venn diagram of multiple partially overlapping interests. Nobody should have to sign up to everything in order to be broadly on our side.

That will be one of the principles of Secular West going forward. There will be coverage of people who don’t see eye-to-eye. I make no apologies for featuring arguments from people you might not think of as being ideologically pure. Sometimes in politics you have to make alliances that make your skin crawl. When I was supporting Brexit (a horrible word that I utterly hated) I found myself on the same side as George Galloway. All I could do was hope that perhaps if some nutter killed him it would counter the sympathy effect of the killing of Jo Cox. While I won’t go as far as ever featuring anybody as nauseating as Gorgeous George I will feature people whose ideas are not a perfect match for mine or those of other people featured on the site.

I want Secular West to be a site where people can bring in information from across the world and deposit it in a form that other people can see, follow, digest and possibly use to go off in a different direction or make new connections. I don’t want anybody to just passively consume it. I want people to contribute to it. The default membership of the site will be “author”. This means you can post your own pages and posts as well as just comments and forum posts. You can create your own blog. There won’t be total freedom and a lack of censorship. And that is a good thing. I will be running the place as an autocrat, the only way I know how. It won’t be a place where you can criticize me and I make no apologies for that. The freedom to insult the leader gives a superficial appearance of freedom. A far more important freedom is the freedom to express ideas which some people are actively trying to silence in society.

Another principle I will be bringing forward is a quality threshold. This is another principle I used in my earlier online presence, Debate Unlimited. I called it Rule 13. For many years there were only three rules. Rule 13 was the quality threshold, the management reserves the right to remove anybody who is too stupid, irrational or illiterate to be an asset to the community. Rule one was I am the boss and what I say goes. Rule two of course was the most important rule of all: never forget rule one. Minor rules could be hinted at at times, such as to use English and that you could use either British English or American English and nobody should attack you for doing so as long as you were aware that the community was international in nature. Yes, international nationalists. It isn’t a contradiction at all. Nationalists in England, British Columbia, Queensland and Virginia can have more in common with each other than they have in common with social justice warriors and the mainstream media in their home towns.

Secular West is not about white nationalism as if there was one white nation. There isn’t. It is about nationalisms for white peoples. White nations are cousins to each other. In 1914 the King of England and Emperor of India was the first cousin of the Czar of all the Russias and the German Kaiser. That was artificial, created by royal politics. But the people of America and Australia and New Zealand are quite literally the cousins of the British. I have multiple DNA matches for probable cousins from across the white diaspora world. They are quite literally my kith and kin and I can prove it. The Germans and Danes are very similar to the British genetically, we are more distant cousins but we can easily pass. I wandered the streets in Germany and nobody gave me a second glance. There is a good chance that I would be as closely related to a random German than to a random English person if we picked a town that wasn’t too close to my home. But obviously there would be huge cultural differences.

What makes a nation is a mixture of common genetic heritage, common culture, common history and common values. No nation is completely homogeneous. There are always cleavages. I don’t have a lot in common with a man given a Russian-sounding first name by his communist sympathizing trade unionist and Woodcraft Folk parents who was raised to despise the church, the monarchy and the aristocracy. My family all read the Daily Mail, went to the Church of England church most Sundays and voted Conservative.

I don’t have any natural enemies. I am an Englishman. Officially our national animal is the lion, but I think we’d do better with an elephant, or perhaps a badger. We don’t really have enemies unless they declare that we are their enemies. I certainly don’t feel like I want to go out and hurt anybody or put them down or take away what is theirs. If you let us get on with what we are doing everything will be fine. But if you cross us we fight back. My mother told me a tale of when I was a small boy. The boy next door wanted to fight but I didn’t. He kept pestering me to fight and I kept declining. Then he tried to start a fight with me. It was over in three seconds. He lost. He didn’t ask again. That has always been the way I like to go about things and it is how I think a civilized country should behave as well. Don’t go looking for a fight, but if you are in one bring it to a decisive victory and restore peace.

We are living in very interesting times. The leftists want to destroy the Alt-Right. They want to classify us as racists and therefore evil criminals who should be kept down, silenced or put in prison. We need to decisively reject this in every possible way. We need to restore the right to express our own opinions and our preferences for our own people. We need to able to say that people are not all the same and that science does not prove that races are not real. That is nonsense. Yes, it is hard to come up with a clear definition of human races. Every year that passes human populations get more stirred up and so making those distinctions becomes harder and messier. But that doesn’t mean that everybody is the same and interchangeable. We are all different and we have a different genetic story. But there are some patterns. Every person is different just as every book is different, but we can tell the difference between a nineteenth-century science fiction novel and an account of persecution of Zoroastrians under the Islamic Republic of Iran. Grey areas exist but we can still make some useful generalizations, that is generalizations, stereotypes if you will, which have predictive value.

From past experience, we can draw lessons. We have no experience of large scale migration from third world Muslim countries of unskilled people into modern western nations which resulted in a happy result. The results vary from uneasy hostility to active violence. Somehow leaders such as Merkel and Hillary Clinton can look at this and see that it would be a good idea to have many more migrants from Muslim countries and the results will be great. How can she draw such a conclusion? Has she not seen what has happened to Paris? A great western city that was truly liberal in all the best senses is now surrounded by a ring of hostile forces camped out on its periphery, underemployed Muslims who don’t regard themselves as French people but as Muslims who happen to be in the land where French people used to live. And in Germany, there are places where three and four generations of Turks have lived without ever taking on a German identity. And in Britain can you point to any place which has had a large Muslim community that looks anything vaguely like a success story? Luton, Bradford, Blackburn, Oldham, Tower Hamlets. Who wants to live there? Towns where there are large ethnic minority populations which are not professionals such as doctors or academics, are horrible places which drive off and repel white people of all classes. Even where the non-white professional classes live in any density soon become ghettoes as people find a reason to move away, often with great shows of feigned reluctance.

We need to fight this. We need to have the courage to stand up for ourselves and our people. We need the courage to take the accusations of being racists and haters and brush them off. We know we don’t hate other races, we just love our own people and our societies and culture more, enough to protect them against destruction.

A few years ago I made a video which rejected the idea of white genocide on the grounds that the suffix ~cide implies killing. That is correct, but what is being killed in genocide is a people or culture, an identity. You don’t have to kill any individual people to destroy the people as a people, a nation, ein volk. If our descendants don’t know who they are or who we were then the nation and the race has been killed even if the genes continue. The Neanderthals have been wiped out. Many Native American tribes, especially those of the East Coast, have been destroyed. But their genes live on. If there are no purebred people from your tribe left your tribe has ceased to exist. Its culture dies out and exists only in recreations which are approaching a parody.

I feel attracted to the idea of trying to recreate something of the pre-Christian culture of my ancestors. But I am aware of how artificial this is, dressing up as Vikings or Druids or Anglo-Saxons. It can never be the same. Once something has died it has gone. Traditions should be passed down through families from father to son or master to apprentice. If you read about them in a book or from a website it isn’t the same thing at all. We need to stop losing our identity. We need to stop letting our enemies divide us along lines of sex or generation. A people can only exist if it is multi-generational and diverse. That is internal diversity of age and sex, yes and of sexuality – but only in a small way, and most of all the diversity of beliefs and values and aspirations. We can’t be a nation if we regard welcoming outsiders and valuing their values as our highest value. That is absurd and suicidal.

So, Secular West will be promoting the good kind of diversity and rejecting the corrosive notions of multiculturalism, the excesses of man-hating weaponized feminism and all forces which are likely to lead to the defeat of our peoples. I am looking for collaborators and authors. People who want to help build something up which can help bolster our online activities. Yes, this is a resource for keyboard warriors only. If you want to join a militia force to defend our people don’t let me stop you, but that isn’t what I’m doing. This is not sedition or revolution, it is just cooperation to ensure we spread information, tactics, contacts and inspiration.

Do we need another resource? I don’t know. But the way I see it we can be an extra strand in the rope. The extra strand strengthens the whole and makes it harder to cut through. The time might come when there is much greater pressure to censor our ideas and shut us all down. Being more diversified and less centralized must be a good thing. Wherever they attack first what survives must react and ensure survival of the message. I very much doubt that Secular West would be the first place they attack, so it has the potential to be a fall-back position. If you are thrown off Twitter, or YouTube or Facebook or Google+ or 1488chan or whatever it is you can check out Secular West and see what is still standing. We should always ensure that we have a presence on more than one platform so that if there is a crackdown whatever survives can act as the Dunkirk beaches for the survivors. We need to be able to have other links behind the scenes so that if there is a major clampdown on our activities we can bounce straight back.

Secular West will run on at least two levels. Not everything on it will be visible to non-members. At the moment there isn’t anything much in secret levels, but there will be. The secret levels won’t be housing sedition and plots of illegal activity. No. They will be much better than that. They will carry tips on how to be a better keyboard warrior. Master classes on techniques that will improve your effectiveness. There will also be links to material which we can use and benefit from without our enemies knowing what we are doing, either because we don’t want them using it or we don’t want them knowing that we are sharing it. But until there are some members to show the stuff to there isn’t much point in having confidential content. That’s why the site needs a launch, and that’s what I’m doing now.

If you are interested in joining Secular West, the internet conspiracy, you need to email me with your preferred username and some indication of who you are such as links to your Google+ or YouTube page or wherever you express your dangerous views. There is a constant war between spammers and all forms of online communities so I have made this community membership by application only. I am not looking for somebody to just do a hit-and-run reply to a comment and move on. It is a publishing platform for blogs and it is a way to post material onto mainstream social media and as they develop the new alternative free speech oriented social media platforms.

I was about to launch Secular West properly when my wife fell ill. It never happened. She got worse and she died at the beginning of March. So for several months the site has been in a sort of suspended animation state, just a few days short of a proper launch that never happened. There were a few times when I was about to launch as I knew I had a few days holiday ahead but something came up and the spare time never materialized. The last one was my son moving out of the house which handily took care of my last holiday. I’m off again and he decides he has to move back in. Hey ho. But I’m not going to put this off any longer. I’m launching the site now properly because there will never be a perfect time to do it. Once it’s done I’m committed to it.

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