Making Progress

I have made some progress today on the general structure of the site. I have decided to split things up a bit so that the home page isn’t so full of stuff. All the videos on the main page made page loading slow, especially as they keep on trying to be full screen then resizing for the space that is available. I might tweak those settings later. In the meantime, I have split off videos from writings. This way if you are coming to see things other than videos you don’t have to struggle with the videos playing silly buggers but you go straight to the text-based content, or straight to links to whatever it is you have come to see.

Navigation must work quickly and predictably or else the site is no good.

As it stands now if you just type in the site URL you come to the old homepage in full blog mode. I am thinking that this is a good idea to retain. If you click any of the Home links in the menu system you are taken to the new homepage which is a splash screen, introduction and simple links to choose content type: videos, forum, writings. Of course, there’s a good chance I will add more pages to that menu later, probably in much smaller type. I might also add an alternative navigation page that has more options on it and I might move some of the general navigation junk off all pages and hive them off to a dedicated navigation and utility page.

I have reduced the amount of replication and unnecessary material in the main side menu. It might be worth making that extra navigation page sometime soon to put all of the options in just in case they are useful.

15:30 Update

I have put several pages up. That’s what the site needs, content. And users of course, but I can’t write more users. I have been going through my hard drive for material, both previously unpublished and published. I have tweaked a few articles which you might recognize as YouTube scripts. They are now more in line with my current views.

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