Moving On

The full relaunch of my online activities will begin soon. First, I have a funeral to get behind me. Once I have done that I will buckle down to some serious activity.

While Sue was ill with her liver I decided that it would be a good idea for me to seriously curb my drinking. I am going to continue with that. I am not signing the pledge or anything as drastic as that, just not buying alcohol to drink alone. Neither of my children (both in their early twenties and living at home) drink. My son not at all and my daughter only rarely. I wasn’t an alcoholic but I did drink too much and too often. Now I will be sticking to black coffee, sparkling water and the odd fruit juice while at home. This should mean I will be able to write more and create more videos. I have not given up the idea of drinking altogether, but I will only drink in company.

Since Sue died I have tidied up and sorted out many things, not least of which is my office. This room contains a single bed which makes it the spare bedroom. It also has room for my desktop PC. This now has a proper computer desk and it looks rather smart as well as being well laid out. Using my desktop PC is really easy now and there is room also to add laptop, netbook, tablet, stereo microphone/digital recorder, webcam and so on. The room will actually function for both purposes, it can allow a guest to spend the night and it works as a place to write and to record audio and video. I can also record elsewhere, my dining room is at the rear of the house and it has slightly better acoustics. In the past I found reading my script from my old netbook was better than doing so near my desktop PC as it was very much quieter, my new netbook is not only more powerful it is so efficient it barely even gets lukewarm and it doesn’t have any fan at all so I can read aloud from my scripts with no background noise at all.

I will be moving up into my new more active online habits with a vengeance from next Monday. I will probably do a full video featuring this website and so expect to see a big uplift in site activity.

There is work I must do with the process of signing up as a new member. The automated systems don’t seem to be very reliable, but there is a huge silver lining in that cloud – it cuts down spam enormously if I process all membership applications manually.


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