New Action Camera

I have myself a new toy, again.

Last Sunday I was driving around filming with my action camera mounted on a suction mount on my quarterlight, just next to my door mirror. I was driving down a country lane and it fell off, going about 20 MPH. No big deal. I stopped and rescued it. Later that day I mounted it again and captured some great video of my favourite back-road diversion. But on a section of dual carriageway, probably going somewhere between 50 and 60 MPH it fell off again. I drove to the next roundabout, doubled back and about three minutes later I managed to retrieve the suction mount. It had clearly not just fallen off and hit the road but it had been run over, probably more than once. I didn’t see any trace of the tiny camera at all.

I suppose it had a short but action-packed life. I had dunked it in the sea and a duck pond and mounted it on several spots inside and outside various cars. I had also been considering whether or not I should get myself a better action camera, but I couldn’t justify the expense. But now it was gone I decided two things:-

1] I needed a new and slightly better replacement action camera, and suction mount and Micro SD card

2] I need to use a security tether whenever I have a camera where it could fall

I had used a security tether the first time I tried mounting a camera to a car with a suction mount. That was a commonsense precaution, especially considering the fact that I made the suction mount myself from four suction cups which were only about 20 mm across. Later I bought a mount which was designed for the job I got a bit over-confident. Never again.

I have bought an OD010B Sports Camera. Amazon describe it as: 4K Action Camera, VicTsing 20MP WiFi Waterproof Sports Camcorder with 2 Inch Ultra HD Display, 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens – Underwater Camcorder with 64GB Memory, 50FT Wifi, Sony IMX117 Exmor-R Sensor and Dual 1050mAh Batteries + Full Accessories Kits Included for Helmet Diving Bicycle Car DVR

It does up to 4K, which I almost certainly won’t use. More usefully it does 1080P in 60 frames per second on a chip which is capable of 4k resolution and has antishock capabilities. This means it should be smoother and should have much greater stability. My new suction mount seems to work with a shorter arm than before so it should offer smoother driving footage. Other goodies it has include a non-waterproof case, which might not seem like a good idea but it should allow audio recording inside the case with the case giving protection against bugs and twigs and the like. The main case is, of course, waterproof to 30 metres, which is deeper than I am ever likely to want to take it. As an extra bonus this camera fits inside the same case as my first 720p action camera, which I still have. So I have two cameras which will fit in two waterproof cases. And I have a spare battery with the new camera. I now have a huge range of accessories for these three cameras, two of which I still have. These include the new suction mount and a floating handle with wrist strap. This camera is as sporty as a tampon advertisement, it makes me breathless just thinking about all the mountain biking and wakeboarding it wants to be doing.

Apparently, this camera can function from an external power source without the battery. I could connect it to my 8000 milliamp/hour power bank and it could send live HD video to my tablet or phone via wifi for several hours. Normal operation with the internal battery should give 90 minutes of recording, and it came with a spare battery.

It can function as a Full HD webcam, that’s a very high resolution which would require me to tidy my room first.

One extra accessory I haven’t seen before is the frame with a tripod mount top and bottom, this comes with a big chunky clip which can attach to clothing.

I think I will be testing out this camera’s special features such as time lapse and really high frame rates which will allow for interesting slow motion effects.

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  1. The footage that this new action camera produces is really good. The image stabilisation in the camera really works, probably because the Sony image sensor has more pixels than it needs to stick down in the recording it can throw some away around the rough edges and hold the centre of the image constant despite movement. On a driving video it looks excellent. I have done an experiment with the time lapse and it seems to be very good, I just have to remember to bring a tripod and the appropriate mounts. While it will sit on a flat surface its wide-angle lens really wants to be stuck up high, in the clear and stable as a rock for best results.

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