No More Excuses

I have no excuses for not making more videos. I have more than enough ways to make recordings. I have a stereo recorder, two smartphones, two laptops with reasonable quality webcams, two HD waterproof cameras, one that records in 720 and the other 1080, I have mounts for inside and outside my car, I have a tablet with both front and rear cameras and stereo microphones and last and certainly not least I have my new number one camera which operates from wide angle to sixty times telephoto optical zoom. I have also got tripods and mounts galore from a floating waterproof grip to selfie sticks. I need to stop making excuses for not making videos and just crack on and do it.

It has been quite a few years since I have had my face on camera and that is a bit of a psychological barrier for me. But the longer I put it off the bigger that barrier will become. I need to grasp the nettle, slay the dragon and stop messing around.

I stopped having my face on camera for two reasons, I was fed up of people commenting on my appearance as if pointing out something about my age or my size was somehow original, witty or relevant. The other reason was self-protection. I felt vulnerable. I felt that if I was attacked I might lose my job, my house and my wife, probably in that order. But things have changed considerably now. I have paid off my mortgage. My wife has died and I have alternative sources of income that cannot be taken away from me by censorious busy-bodies objecting to my beliefs. While I have no plans to give up my job if I lost it I would not go looking for another one I would escalate my online presence by several orders of magnitude. So if you plan on trying to break me prepare for it to backfire quite spectacularly.

The left are thoroughly evil bastards these days, so sure that they have virtue and righteousness on their side that they have no shame and no scruples.

So going forward I am going to stop being so shy. I need to grasp the nettle and get my face on camera, when appropriate, when it’s an easier and faster way to make a video. But I will not stop doing voice-over videos and voice-over-text videos when they seem more appropriate. It’s all about what works best at the time. I can do a video with stereo audio in the camera and I can mix it up with narration over the top or with the original audio stripped out. So the plan is to get this video out there and if anybody wants to make comments on my appearance, and be added to my spectacular blocked users list, they can do it now.

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