Productivity Boost

I am looking forward to being able to have a substantial boost in my productivity. I currently have a desktop computer, a laptop and two netbooks. But I only have room to operate one at a time. I am currently sat at my desktop which is processing a video while one of my netbooks is also sat in front of me, doing a virus scan.

Soon as I shall have a larger room for my operations with a lot more desk space. I will be able to operate two or more computers simultaneously with external monitors, mice, keyboards and space for them all. I will also be getting a larger printer-scanner unit which will be able to sit on the desktop where it can actually be used rather than sitting under the desk. Can you imagine making pancakes under the steering wheel of your car? Using a printer-scanner tucked under a desk is about as practical as that. My new device will be able to sit at a sensible desktop height where I can see it and use it. It will also be able to scan and print at a larger size.

I am starting to use Gab, Minds and Vid.Me. I have yet to work out just how useful these tools will be. I will need to get my head around a new concept of what my aims are. In the past I was interested in getting more people to go to my website. Then I lost interest in that and growing numbers of YouTube subscribers was how I measured my success. Now, this is increasingly meaningless. I suppose total views is what counts, regardless of platform. And I also need to be aware of reputation and impact. Basically, there will no longer be a single figure to measure success with. I suppose this is not uncommon. If you publish a book you’re interested in just the sales figures of that book. But if you have books, plays, screenplays, movies and book-signings and speaking tours things are more complicated. Complexity is a sign of greater impact, simplicity is a measure of relative unimportance. What does it matter if your third book doesn’t outsell your first if you’re a smash hit in Sydney and they want to make you King of Albania? I don’t suppose Donald Trump is overly concerned about any one metric of success these days.

It seems the way online activity is going personal websites and blogs are less important than they used to be. It’s more about platforms. One group of people run a platform and a different group puts content on it. I have therefore scaled back my ambitions for this website. There are enough platforms out there now which are building up a resistance to any moves towards greater repression of free thought and expression on the internet.

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