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Launched January 2015. So far not very impressive, the usual street protests which inevitably attract opposition who incite violence because that is what they feel obliged to do whenever white people express any kind of nationalist sentiment or resist the destruction of our society and culture by the invasion of unwanted outsiders. White patriots must always be portrayed as hateful, violent bigots. It is all too easy for twenty or thirty leftist troublemakers and maybe two or three infiltrators to ensure that there are always scenes of contorted faces, yelling and looking like Nazis.

Pegida in East Germany is a true mass movement which is not violent or thuggish. Maybe one day there will be enough genuine sentiment for such protests in Britain with no more intimidation or “hate” than a walkabout by the Queen. Alas, I don’t think that will be happening this year.

As so often happens on the right there is bad blood and bitchiness and there are personality clashes between various groups. The rump of the English Defence League is the bitter enemy of Pegida UK, although they seem to an outsider like me to be very similar organisations, with similar memberships, goals and methods. Maybe one lot thinks the other lot are all homosexuals or all run by Jews. That is often the way. Or one lot is infiltrated and run by a different police unit than the other.

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