Eugenics need not involve any killing of any kind. While the fastest way of attaining a particular genetic goal would involve lots of breeding and culling the less successful this strikes us as unacceptable for greyhounds let alone people. But until a goal is decided upon and the value of the goal assessed the idea of anybody being in the way of the great noble experiment doesn’t even begin to arise. Killing people is wrong. You don’t have to set this aside to see some prospects of a purpose in selective breeding of our own species.

Islam and the Cure for Ignorance

I am a profoundly ignorant man and the more I disagree with people the more I demonstrate my ignorance. This seems to be a commonly held position among those who disagree with me. They can’t believe I am stupid so they have to believe that I just don’t know what they know, because if I did then surely I would believe what they believe. My ignorance can be cured by getting me to read their little book.

I get hundreds of comments from Muslims decrying my ignorance telling me that I don’t understand their religion. This is not true. I don’t agree with their religion. I understand it just fine, and better than they do.

Rights are a Child of Law

“Right … is the child of law: from real laws come real rights; but from imaginary laws, from laws of nature, fancied and invented by poets, rhetoricians, and dealers in moral and intellectual poisons, come imaginary rights, a bastard brood of monsters.” Jeremy Bentham

A lot of people have tried to convince me that rights exist before laws. I will have no truck with such nonsense.

So They Call You a Racist

So they call you a racist. It’s what they do. Don’t let it stop you telling the truth or giving your opinions. The whole point of calling you a racist is to shut you up. So whatever you do don’t shut up. If you do shut up it only reinforces the bad habits they have got themselves into.

It is just a word. Don’t be afraid of just a word! It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person just because they want to stop your opinions being heard. The bad people are those who want to silence all expression of views they don’t approve of.