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Launched January 2015. So far not very impressive, the usual street protests which inevitably attract opposition who incite violence because that is what they feel obliged to do whenever white people express any kind of nationalist sentiment or resist the destruction of our society and culture by the invasion of unwanted outsiders. White patriots must always be portrayed as hateful, violent bigots. It is all too easy for twenty or thirty leftist troublemakers and maybe two or three infiltrators to ensure that there are always scenes of contorted faces, yelling and looking like Nazis.More

Liberty GB


Liberty GB is a British micro-party, at least, it has been so far. They produce some interesting material especially on the Big Issue of resisting the Islamization of Britain and Europe.

Anti-Islamization is the key theme. They have been accused of being  CONTROLLED OPPOSITION for their pro-Israel stance.  Their previous incarnation, the British Freedom Party, certainly gave that impression. I was banned from its YouTube group at one time for asking why a party with so few policies had so much to say in favour of Israel.

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9/11 Conspiracy Lies

There is no 9/11 conspiracy theory, there are hundreds of them and they contradict each other as well as common sense. The first question to ask is why would the US government need the Twin Towers to collapse? Think about this one. Imagine that the towers didn’t collapse. The fires were brought under control. Dead and wounded were evacuated by helicopter. George W Bush and Mayor Giuliani supervise the amazing and daring rescue missions. Several …

All Dogs go to Heaven

This is where it begins. Religion and superstition as child abuse. Scamp isn’t really dead, he’s gone to doggie heaven. What does that mean? It means the child is forced to start thinking in terms of dualism, as if there is something non-physical about living things, a spirit or soul or essence of some kind which is not part of their body, despite growing there, and which survives death. Dualism is the first step on …