Rivers of Blood

Enoch Powell’s most famous speech. The BBC own the copyright on audio of the original speech and they use this ownership to ensure that the speech is never given the treatment it deserves. So to put that right I decided to record the speech myself. Doing this was rather daunting, but here it is. The full speech, no omissions, no ominous sounding music, no overlay of images designed to provoke a specific response, just the words delivered straight as if making a speech but without attempting any cheap impersonation of Enoch Powell’s remarkable oratory technique. I hope you like it.

‘Actress’ is a perfectly good word – a rant

Lindybeige’s excellent rant about the word actress. I agree with every word. Calling an actress an actor is insulting women, the acting profession and actresses! If you haven’t ever checked out this bloke I suggest you give it a go. He knows his stuff about language and weapons and historical re-enactment and all sorts of stuff (including dancing, where I draw the line). While nobody is right about everything Lindy’s record is very good indeed.