9/11 Conspiracy Lies

There is no 9/11 conspiracy theory, there are hundreds of them and they contradict each other as well as common sense.

The first question to ask is why would the US government need the Twin Towers to collapse?

Think about this one. Imagine that the towers didn’t collapse. The fires were brought under control. Dead and wounded were evacuated by helicopter. George W Bush and Mayor Giuliani supervise the amazing and daring rescue missions. Several blocks are evacuated and a few weeks later the damaged towers are brought down by controlled explosions as hundreds of high speed film and video cameras capture the scenes for posterity, complete with the logos of the companies involved in the demolition and defiant messages left by the demolition crew themselves as huge sound systems blast out the Star Spangled Banner. At the same time all around the world every tall building and every airport dims its lights.

Can you imagine that this scenario would not be just as traumatic as the events as they did unfold? There would be more media material available. There would be injured and traumatized people to interview, people from above the impact site, people who saw their colleagues jump to their deaths, people who had smelt the stench of burning flesh and plastic and who could tell of their agony as they decided whether to wait or jump. There would have been patients to stick all that specially donated blood into. From the point of view of the United States government the propaganda value of 9/11A and 9/11B would be very similar. Surely it was the audacity of the attack that mattered, a plane load of people plus some others and an iconic building hit, the precise numbers dead or injured didn’t really matter. If it had been 500 dead or 15,000 would the big picture response have been any different? Either number is small on the scale of total war or the scale of the more than three hundred million people in the United States.

I really cannot see any good reason why it would have been necessary to demolish the Twin Towers to produce the response which was subsequently manipulated into support for an invasion of a country that had no involvement in the attacks. Simply crashing into the towers was all that was required to create the most extraordinary terrorist attack in history. The collapse of the towers was unnecessary. Thinking from the point of view of either a terrorist attacker or a terrorist faker the conclusion is the same: hitting a building with a plane scores the goal. Hitting three was the biggest terrorist coup in history, a few hundred casualties on the ground helps make a bigger statement, completely destroying the Twin Towers was quite literally overkill. It was not necessary to make the world take notice.

If anybody thinks that it was only the collapse of the towers which made 9/11 into a world changing event they haven’t a clue about the way the world works. While the towers were burning I was already imagining silhouettes of the damaged buildings being stencilled onto bombs and bombers and I would hazard a guess I would not have been alone in that. To me it was crystal clear that while one might have been a freak accident two could only have been a “martyrdom operation” by Islamic terrorists. The sight of that second plane flying into the tower would have been quite enough to have made 9/11 into a date that would live in infamy.

If the point of the stunt was to create a false casus belli then to have rigged buildings full of explosives and thermite would have been an absurd risk for little material gain. The only reason why anybody would want to believe such a notion is that they have difficulty in imagining that great destructive power can be wielded by a small dedicated band of people, unless they are American and working for the evil American government. Muslim people haven’t invented much in the last few centuries compared to the people of America, Europe and the Far East but they are still members of our species, they are capable of planning and using violence to achieve their medium-term objectives. There is nothing in the plan which involves complicated technology, extraordinary depth of thinking or multiple levels of reflection into the minds of your adversaries. All it needs is volunteers of average ability who are content to die for a cause and are dedicated and courageous enough to undergo the training. To call the terrorists cowards is preposterous, they were brave enough to face death and to do what they believed was right. It seems Americans are quite happy to sit through films extolling the bravery and brilliance of a bunch of thieves but they react in horror at the suggestion that being a terrorist might take slightly more guts and brains than being a shoplifter. Terrorists: perhaps marginally smarter and braver than shoplifters. How dare I suggest that?

What is so hard to believe about the official version? Islamist terrorists believing in the rightness of their goal and the certainty of their instant journey to Martyrs’ Paradise hijack aircraft and crash them. Up until that morning the standard operating procedure for a hijacking is to humour the hijackers and to start talking and to play for time while intelligence operations work flat out behind the scenes to look into all possible ways to thwart the hijacker’s demands without risking the hostages. Nobody had ever used an aircraft as a weapon before. Nobody expected hijackers to act quickly and decisively (in order to retain as much fuel on board as possible). Everybody thought the passengers were to be used as hostages, as in every previous hijacking in the history of aviation.

The moment that it became clear that the passengers were not hostages but political ballast then the hijackers were at a great risk of being attacked by people who had nothing to lose and a chance to save their lives and be heroes. This whole plan relied on putting just enough hijackers into each plane and attacking as many planes as possible all at the same time. This would be a one-off event because never again would passengers sit still and wait to be slaughtered like sheep. It’s a no-brainer, of course you would counterattack, you wouldn’t need to be a superman, you would be doing the rational thing. Often heroes are just ordinary people who are put in extraordinary situations. You would be a fool to bet there would not be enough potential heroes in any plane load of people to stop that plan ever working again.

To work the optimum level of risk and reward suggests that a 747 would probably be too risky because of the size of the aircraft, the size of the passenger complement and the separate decks, you would need seven or eight hijackers on such an aircraft. A bigger impact could be had from four smaller aircraft rather than two huge ones. Large single deck wide-bodied jets would be ideal, fuelled up for a long flight and diverted to a target a few hundred miles away, giving time to get airborne and then be under terrorist control (and exposed to counter-attack by either passengers or the USAF) for only a few minutes, to enable the planes to get up to high speed but still be carrying plenty of fuel. Synchronizing the attacks would make for maximum impact and minimum risk, minimizing the time the “martyrs” would be exposed to the danger of counter-attack and giving the authorities as little time as possible to appreciate what was planned. When one flight was delayed everything changed, that flight had lost the element of surprise, the passengers fought back because they knew the real situation. If they had not fought back it is likely they would have been shot down a few minutes later in any case. They died as true heroes rather than as double victims, regardless of whose hands held the controls pointing at the ground.

Let’s assume for a moment there is a conspiracy. It would have to be huge. Depending on exactly what model the conspiracy took (there’s as many separate and incompatible conspiracy theories as branches of Protestantism) there would be a minimum of dozens and a maximum of thousands of people who would have access to a story which would be worth a fortune to sell to the world’s press. The conspiracy theories postulate crews of explosives experts putting charges on every floor of the Twin Towers and building 7 and yet not being seen or detected in any way. So explosives experts followed by experts at hiding evidence of tampering. Perhaps the passengers were all fakes so there would be agents ensuring that anybody who wanted to take those flights was moved onto other flights without being made aware of anything untoward. So several dozen or several thousand people were involved in planning and executing this dastardly deception and at no time did anybody get asked to do something they objected to, at no time did anybody suspect they were being sounded out to see if they would take part in a conspiracy which would involve the murder of thousands of American citizens.

So what we have is a perfect security cordon around an operation that is so badly crafted that hundreds of thousands of people believe it was faked. Hundreds of “clues” are out there in the public domain but nobody on the inside gets a pang of conscience and comes clean. Of course, they are scared of being killed. So nobody on the inside who is scared of being killed has subsequently got religion or contracted an incurable disease or got drunk for that matter either. People are being kept in check by a fear for their lives but conspiracy theorists can safely write and publish books and appear on television and radio explaining in great detail what “actually happened”, secrets that you might imagine that the government is prepared to kill to keep secret. In films people can do this kind of stuff and believe it’s for the best and live with their consciences.

Can you really believe that the United States government can be at the same time so sinister, evil, efficient, forgiving, Machiavellian, inept, audacious, cool, callous and lucky? They’re Mission Impossible one minute and the Keystone Kops the next. This government conspiracy is a real enigma, is it a genius pretending to be an idiot or an idiot pretending to be a genius? Mr Bean gone bad.