Civilization and the EDL

Tweeted by the EDL

Yesterday one of my YouTube videos was tweeted by what the BBC calls the Far Right English Defence League. I feel it is only right and proper that I respond to this.

If you want a transcript lads, you only have to ask. I’ll give you the full script. Keep up the good work.

Full script here:-

We have just the back of quite an eventful year. There are obviously two huge stories which we need to address. The Brexit referendum and the victory of Donald Trump.

Yes. Marvellous. Maybe we have reached the El Alamein point. This is not the end, or the beginning of the end but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. Ahead lies a lot of struggle but we are no longer being rolled back by the forces of the left, of globalism and of the Islamic replacement. The European Union project looks like it is in disarray. This is a good thing. The time may come when European Union and a federal Europe becomes a good idea but we can’t allow such a structure to fall into the hands of our enemies. A united Europe, one day, could be a fabulous thing. But not under Napoleon, or Hitler or the Marxists, globalists and mongrel Jewish elites. A new structure for the European-derived peoples of the world might one day be a great project for our people, something which takes things to the next level. We have left behind tribalism and feudalism and maybe we will soon go beyond nationalism to the next level above the nation: the civilization.

There used to be something that was called Christendom. We can’t go back and use that model now because the division is not between those who believe in Christ and those who don’t. It is between white western civilization and those outside and beyond that pale. Clearly what we value is built upon more than one single foundation. Part of it is in the blood and the soil. Part of it is in the culture. Part of it is in the history, which includes the history which unites us and that which divides us. Division is within our blood. Our ancestors fought, with our ancestors and against our ancestors. Unlike previous generations we now have the power to look directly into our ancestry beyond our family oral and written histories. We can read the message in the blood. My own DNA suggests that my ancestry is mixed between native Britons and invading Anglo-Saxons, perhaps Normans and probably some Vikings too. And a little Irish, which I have always known about. There is also some evidence of some connection to the Iberian peninsula, which to me is most likely explained as the imprint of the Roman invasion. The last little trace is to Finland or North Russia, which I suspect is evidence of slaves of the Vikings who apparently make a significant contribution to my ancestry. There’s no trace at all of any people from beyond white Europeans, no Jewish or Middle Eastern or black African ancestry at all. So I can see in my blood a history of conflict between closely related groups. While to those who were there at the time the distinction between Anglo-Saxon and Viking and Norman would have really mattered they were not that different in reality. There has been too much tragic loss of life between people who were really quite similar. This continued into the twentieth century with the tragedy of war between the British and the Germans. We should put that all behind us. We have too much in common Irish, Hungarian, German, Scottish, Lithuanian, Austrian, English, French. We shouldn’t be fighting each other. We shouldn’t be fighting anybody, unless they want to impose themselves on us. We should reject imperialism and those forms of nationalism which seek to impose the will of one group on another.

We should reject the imperialism of the likes of Napoleon, Hitler and Lincoln. There is no way we should be trying to create a new Roman Empire. Or a British Empire. Or a Fourth Reich.

We should be securing homelands for our peoples. England. And Scotland, and Ireland, and Germany. Exactly where the borders run, between, say Denmark and Germany or whether a border runs at all between areas such as Cornwall or the Basque country is a fair question, but one for debate and referendum, not for bloodshed. We should reject the idea of war between different parts of our civilization in the same way we dismiss wars between clans or counties. We shouldn’t be looking to fight anybody, or to impose rule upon people unwilling to be ruled from our capital, but we should be able and willing to fight anybody who would seek to destroy, invade or take away our civilization.

The enemies of our civilization are those who wish to impose tyrannical governments of any kind, and those who wish to bring in alien and incompatible culture which is a direct threat to our civilization. In the twentieth century we came together as a civilization to reject communism and fascism. The totalitarianism of these regimes and their greed for more territory and conquests needed to be opposed. Today the greatest threats to our civilization are not foreign powers with armies and air forces but people with corrosive ideas and alien religion and culture. Islam is not a race, but it is a threat to our race as well as our culture. Civilization is race and culture combined. What we have and we value is a combination of race and culture. Asking which one is more important to us is rather like asking whether you want to detach your head from your body or your body from your head. Take away either and the civilization we love has gone. We can cope with small changes to both, medium sized changes to either one or the other, but not significant changes to either or both. At the moment we face threats to both.

There are ideological enemies who wish to subvert and undermine our culture and to damage our race. The threat from brown men with strangely shaped beards is not very great. We can see who they are and we know what they want and where their loyalties lie. More sinister are the traitors amongst our numbers. Who they are and what motivates them is less clear, even to themselves. These traitors are in the ascendency in government and media. They come in different degrees of virulence. Some are merely soft hearted virtue signallers who wish to be seen as anti-racist, non-sexist and gay-friendly nice people. These are the people who are passionate about saving the lives of little black children, but wouldn’t dream of telling African parents that if they can’t support children they shouldn’t be having any. That is a position which will perpetually see more starving black children and no end to the amount of white guilt. There is nothing we can do to cure the problems of Africa by throwing charity money at it. We should be giving them little but advice and a strong example. Feeding the world just makes more people, and more people means more people suffering in the inevitable famines and civil wars in a few years time.

Africa must solve the problems of Africa and the Africans. The Middle East must solve the problems of the Middle East and Europeans must solve the problems of our European civilization.

We of course, live on a globe. We of course, are all one species. We, of course, all bleed red, as do donkeys and frogs. None of those platitudes gives us a reason to destroy our civilization and throw away our birthright and the legacy our ancestors built and defended with their lives. Being a single species is a reason to live and let live, not a reason to live as one single family. There is no precedent for any animal species acting together for the interests of the entire species because it has no evolutionary benefit to the genes of that species whose biggest rivals are other genes in that same species. Ants and bees work for the interests of a tightly related family, never an entire species. No ant or bee ever lays down her life for the genetic equivalent of somebody else from the same village, maybe a fourth cousin or so, let alone some bees from hundreds or thousands of miles away which haven’t shared common ancestry for tens of thousands of years.

If we erase all borders the biggest losers by far will be the non-elites in the white European civilizations. That’s you and me. The active discrimination against white people won’t really hurt the children of the elite but it will hurt the children of the working and lower middle classes, the vast bulk of the white population, a population which is now no longer so powerful in demographic terms. It is time we started standing up for our own interests in the way other groups have never been shy to do. Globalism is not in our interests. It offers us nothing but dilution and disinheritance. It will take away our wealth and our power and bring us no benefits at all. The elites are always telling us that immigration is good for our societies and economies. Nonsense. It is good for them, they get cheap labour. But we lose our communities; our towns and cities become foreign to us. Our wages are held down and the wealth which should be available for welfare and infrastructure investment is spent on the needs of aliens who despise us and our values.

What benefit is there to the majority of European people for millions of Middle Eastern and African young men to come to our countries? None whatsoever. They don’t want to work and contribute to our societies and build our civilization. They are not immigrants in the way that Irishmen going to Boston and the ten-pound poms going to Australia were immigrants. Those people really were looking to leave behind the country they left and embrace the identity, ethos and culture of the land they were going to call their new home. These new people don’t want to join in, blend in, muck in and share and contribute, they just want whatever is best for them and nothing else. That is not the ethos of an immigrant, that is the motivation of an invading army. Invaders should be repulsed and sent away.

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