Multiculturalism? No Thanks.

The time has come for people to say that we don’t want multiculturalism and we don’t want to live in a country divided by religion. We need a single unified culture, one that is not dominated by religion.

We need to make Britain a less desirable place to be if you are a fanatical Muslim. We need to stop all new Muslim immigration immediately, we must stop allowing in imams. If British Muslim communities want imams they should train their own people in the job, not import new ones. The same goes for curry chefs. We also need to stop all arranged marriages with foreigners. To stop accusations of the government trying to get in the way of a man’s love for his first cousin he’s never met and dividing families the government could point out where the airports are: families can be united elsewhere.

Why should we as a nation put up with the practice of cousin marriages, generation after generation? One or two first cousin marriages every two hundred years or so isn’t going to cause any great problems, this was normal across most of our species history, and there are a couple of such marriages in my background, back more than a century, but when first cousin marriage is the norm and socially approved of as the preferred option it soon leads to the accumulation of genetic defects. This is a major problem in Britain today, but if anybody speaks out about it – they are called racists and bigots. Marriage to a person who shares at least one grandparent with you should require a special licence which would only be given if the couple could demonstrate that the pairing was a matter of their own free choice, that they loved each other, and that they have had genetic screening to show they are not being criminally irresponsible. The couple and their parents would be liable to imprisonment and unlimited fines for engaging in such a pairing outside this arrangement, whether or not the marriage was recognized by the state.

There should be a prohibition on financing schools and places of worship by foreigners. We don’t need the sort of charity which is designed to subvert our culture and lead to the downfall of our democratic regime. The idea that we can’t do this because it would retrospectively make British citizens into hypocrites for being missionaries is just silly. Governments are not under any such ridiculous obligations. It is perfectly reasonable to change policies, we don’t have to have the same rules we had when we had an empire. The countries which are trying to subvert our culture have never allowed missionaries into their countries. If you are caught with a bible in Arabia you are likely to be imprisoned, although if you hadn’t got a copy of Mein Kampf you could probably take your pick of several editions at the airport shop.

It should go without saying that the state should not recognize plural marriage. For the purpose of state benefits a second adult female living with a married man, whether at the same address or not, should be treated as supported by that man and no state payments should be made to him for her or to her for herself. If the man has no other income than state benefits he should not be attempting to act as the husband of more than one woman, and I’m sure I could get quite a few Islamic scholars to agree with me on that point too. Bigamy is illegal in Britain. Nobody is hiding that fact. How hard is it to understand the simple concept? While we turn a blind eye to those who want to have a harem of women they can afford we officially don’t approve, we don’t offer the state’s formal approval and sanction, we don’t recognize those relationships in the law. It seems we do have to tell people that we don’t approve, so let’s do it. Let’s put up posters in mosques, let’s send letters to every household in areas where Muslims live in any great number, let’s make it crystal clear. If you want more than one wife -choose another country to live in, we don’t do that here.

This country is not a Muslim country and it will never be a Muslim country. That is not a hollow threat or a challenge, it is just a statement of intent. In Britain we used to be good at those. If anybody would like to leave Britain because it is not and will not be a Muslim state we should provide clear help and guidance. There should be offices up and down the country which offer help to people wanting to leave the country. There should be telephone switchboards set up in all the more common foreign languages offering advice on how to re-emigrate. The time for beating about the bush is over. If you don’t speak English and you want to live as a Muslim in a country with Sharia then you need help to find an airport, a taxi and perhaps a shipping agent. We could go further and provide a house clearance service. Give us the house keys, we put you in a taxi to the airport and free plane tickets, as many as you need, and when you arrive at the other end a man from the British embassy will have a taxi waiting for you and a hotel pre-paid for a week and if the stuff you left behind fetched more than any debts you left you will get double the difference in local currency. Does that sound expensive? What about compared to the alternative of not doing it?

We just need to be clear about it, the time for being mealy-mouthed is long since gone: if you want to live in our country you have to live a lifestyle which is consistent with ours, not one which exists to oppose it. If you want political asylum as a Muslim you should be looking for a Muslim country, there is hardly a shortage of them. Pick one, there are forty-seven majority Muslim countries and within that there is a choice of Islamic states, states with Islam as the state religion and secular states. If you want political asylum and you are happy to live in a non-Muslim society then you can stay, but you had better get with the integration with us as we will not be integrating with you.

Muslims never feel embarrassed about declaring their vision of the future: all will submit to Allah. The left also have their own visions of the future, apparently we will all be free and equal and nobody will ever have to slap anybody down because we all really want the same things, don’t we comrades? Religion will wither away if we just keep on respecting it and caving-in to it, unless it’s Christianity, obviously, because that’s evil and needs to be kept in its place.

Why should we be afraid to have our own opinions about the future? Is dreaming and aspiring something only for other people? Or is it acceptable only if we aspire to the right, that is left, things? It is time we smashed the left’s monopoly on visions of the future.

I want a future in which people are free. A future in which a white boy can take his brown girlfriend, or boyfriend, down the street and nobody says a thing about it and neither of them end up losing friends or being murdered for shaming their families. I want a world in which the idea of imposing your religion on your children would be seen as being as barbaric as well, chopping pieces off their genitals. I want an England in which a boy can walk down any street without expecting to get beaten up for doing so. I want a future in which religion is a matter for individuals to do freely behind closed doors, like wanking, something the rest of us know you indulge in but we don’t need to know the details.

I want a future in which history is taught in such a way as it does not blame everything on white men, the line favoured by socialists, self-hating whites and Muslims. A history in which Muslims are not seen as victims of oppression or leaders of a glorious peaceful empire while our empire is painted as if it was history’s only empire devoid of glory and founded only upon misery and slavery, which seems a little unfair to say the least considering it was the empire which ended slavery.

I want a future in which people are free to think and don’t have their thoughts controlled by indoctrination on the virtues of sharing, tolerance, looking after the planet, respecting minority religions as long as they are not white minority religions, playing nice and voting Labour.

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