So They Call You a Racist

So they call you a racist. It’s what they do. Don’t let it stop you telling the truth or giving your opinions. The whole point of calling you a racist is to shut you up. So whatever you do don’t shut up. If you do shut up it only reinforces the bad habits they have got themselves into.

It is just a word. Don’t be afraid of just a word! It doesn’t mean that you are a bad person just because they want to stop your opinions being heard. The bad people are those who want to silence all expression of views they don’t approve of.

Was Nelson Mandela’s government passionate about opening up South Africa to lots of new white citizens? Hardly. Neither was Gandhi in India. They were nationalists who wanted their nation run by their own people in the interests of their own people. Such people are heroes for all humanity. Unless they are white, in which case they are villains, monsters, racists and rapists and Nazis and every nasty name you can think of or think up. That is unfair. All I want for my people is my country run in the interests of my people by my own people and populated by my people.

Who are my people? The English. My neighbours. My kith and kin. Why is this a hard concept to get your head around? No other people have any difficulty in knowing who they are or who are other than their own people. Every other nation can clearly point out what is their culture, language and heritage and who is a fellow countryman and who is not. Why is this self-knowledge forbidden for my people? Why is it called something evil? Because the ancestors of my ancestors landlord class abused their power around the world. At least they did by the standards of today. By the standards of their own time they did nothing wrong and they were national heroes.

I do not blame the current upper classes of England for the excesses of two or three centuries ago. It wouldn’t make any sense. People are not responsible for what their parents did, still less what their great great great great great grandfathers did. In every generation half of the DNA is thrown away, at random, and half is retained. I think we should use that image to help us. We should throw away the guilt and shame in every generation and leave it behind but we should retain the positive half of our inheritance. We should retain pride in the achievements while we don’t beat ourselves up about crimes and shortcomings. Non-white people manage this trick with no problem. Zulus are quite happy to think that they come from fierce warriors without at the same time feeling guilty for genocide and imperialism. The Jews can manage enormous pride in their ancestors’ very modest achievements without feeling any need to feel guilty about the tribes they wiped out such as the Jebusites, the people who originally built their eternal capital city which they renamed Jerusalem. Jews feel pride in being descended from King Solomon and King David but they don’t feel any shame for having been captives in Babylon or for the mythical captivity in Egypt. They have put a healthy spin on their own history. The English should do the same.

We should feel great pride in having an enormous empire, the biggest the world has ever seen. But we shouldn’t feel shame for being conquered by the Normans, Saxons, Vikings and Romans. For one thing, the modern people of England are almost all descended from people on both sides the wars and invasions so where do our loyalties lie? Apparently it is a common event at the battle site of Culloden in Scotland for proud Scots to come looking for evidence of their blessed ancestors heroic deeds only to discover for the first time in their deluded lives that their ancestors had fought on the side of the British crown and not for the tragic romantic Jacobites. My own DNA results suggest that as I have a high proportion of genes from Continental Western Europe many of my ancestors could be Norman and Saxon rather than native British. That is the way of it. I recall when I spent some time in Germany when I walked the streets in Germany I felt completely at home and invisible among the Germans. I did not stand out in any way as racially distinct from them. I felt more of a foreigner in North Wales, and their language was weirder too.

Of course I’m not a white nationalist. My nation is a white nation, a very particular white nation, not all white nations. There is no nation of all white people. White nationalism is for those unfortunate enough not to be born in the territory of a proper country that is the home of a nation and a race or folk. Being an English nationalist no more makes me answerable for the antics of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazis than it makes me answerable for the antics of Irish, Scots, Welsh or Basque nationalists.

A few years back I was a cultural nationalist with no hint of any racial element to my nationalism. But I now recognize that this is not sustainable. Nations are more than just cultures. The actual people matter. Nations are made of people, not genes or stories or ideas or culture or blood but people. People are all these things and much more. Nations certainly are not just economies. I absolutely despise those people who make economic arguments for the destruction of nations. The people and the nation are what wars were fought for. We can’t just put all of that to one side on the basis of what a few fucking accountants say. The nation is worth fighting for and worth selling off an empire and saddling yourselves up with debt for a century to pay for it. It is certainly worth forgoing a slightly higher rise in economic growth – even if we believe what these evil liars are selling. Our grandparents paid a huge price for the nation we have today, why on earth should we sell that birthright for a mess of pottage?


    1. Indeed. Equality is a political construct. Nature does not do equal. Not every difference in the outcomes between groups is caused by racism by whites. There will never be an end to the demands to do more about racism if every difference is blamed on the attitudes and behaviour of white people.

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