What has HATRED got to do with it?

What has supremacy got to do with it? What has hate got to do with it? Is it hatred which inspires people to protect the Florida panther, the ruddy duck, the red squirrel or the English bluebell? Of course not. It is love of nature and its diversity. The same goes for my championing of the English people, the English culture, the English genome and phenotype or as I prefer to express it – England.

The red squirrel is under threat across the British Isles because of the success of the Grey Squirrel. Grey squirrels crowd out and out-compete the reds. There used to be red squirrels all across England until the twentieth century. Now seeing a native red squirrel is a rare treat, they exist in isolated areas where the greys have not reached. Much work has been done to help the survival of the red squirrel, unfortunately the most effective way of doing this is by eliminating grey squirrels. If grey squirrels had arrived in the British Isles when our ancestors first walked here across the seabed from continental Europe greys would have been our native squirrel, they are perfectly adapted to deciduous woodlands. Red squirrels are specialists for coniferous forests. We would still have some red squirrels but only in old native coniferous forests.

Preserving red squirrels where they have lived for centuries requires controlling numbers of grey squirrels. That doesn’t require hatred of grey squirrels. They should never have been allowed into the country in the first place. It’s that simple. The same goes for polygamous shameless followers of a religion which teaches them that it is a just and noble thing to come here and to live off our benefits system and raise children who despise our values. They should not have been allowed in. If they had not had come in we would not have any reason to be speculating about ways to remove them most humanely. If grey squirrels and Canada geese had never been introduced to Britain, and rabbits and cane toads and camels had never been introduced to Australia then there would not be any need to treat them as pests. We can’t go back, much as we would love to do so.

We are faced with a situation in which we have millions of people living here who we would prefer were not here. We don’t hate them any more than we hate grey squirrels, we just recognise that they are taking over and crowding out our people. Without millions of foreigners and people who don’t belong here our population would be lower and we would be faced with different economic challenges and signals. We would have a shortage of labour rather than having millions unemployed and under-employed. We wouldn’t be having people going into debt to get degrees in women’s studies and television criticism, rather they would go straight into work in real jobs for decent wages.