Facing up to it

It has been a while but the time has come to get my face back on the screen again.

I think it just gives more weight to what I say that I am seen to be saying it and having my name attached to it. If everybody on the right is hiding behind aliases, avatars or masks it gives the impblackshirt-greenwoodression that what we have to say is dangerous and we need to be careful about it. Of course, there is always a risk that somebody will react badly to what you say and will want to make trouble for you but we should have the courage of our convictions and stand by what we say. This will make it easier for other people to follow our example. If it is only cartoon figures and anonymous people in masks and obvious pseudonyms who are having the courage to speak out that gives the impression that we are cowed and that joining us is a big risk.

I don’t suggest that everybody out there copies me. You might be in more danger. You might be more exposed. You might have more to lose. But just give some thoughts to the impression that you give. Could you show your face? Could you use your own voice? Should you use a name that at least appears to be your own name?

I never really had much of an opportunity to be anonymous, I just sort of fell into using my own real name as my only online identity. Back in 1999 when I started this wasn’t a big deal, I wasn’t expressing views which would upset the real powers that be. I was just dissing Christianity and the monarchy and the obvious safe targets that had been defeated thirty or forty years before. When I began to talk about Islam things changed. I started to get much more serious opposition. The frantic virtue signallers in the atheist community thought they could score some points by calling me a racist. Of course there is no defence against such a charge. Brer Rabbit and the Tar BabyIf you try to defend yourself you just make things worse. It is like fighting a tar baby or quicksand. The more you struggle the more caught up in it you become. Right. So they called me a racist and they won’t listen to anything I say. So that’s what I am now no matter what I say or do. I’m going to be called a racist for the rest of my life. So there’s nothing to fear from it. It’s like being afraid of catching an incurable disease I have already got! It’s pointless. Futile. Counter-productive. So there is no point in fighting it. Going forward now I have no fear of being called a racist because the internet is full of libellous articles and posts and videos that say I am a racist. I can’t prove that I am not a racist, all I can do is show that the label doesn’t fit very well, it doesn’t have a coherent meaning, it doesn’t freak me out and it certainly doesn’t make me stop thinking for myself.

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