Islam is Not a Race (still)

It seems the Muslim hordes have been at it again. Another video has been flagged as unsuitable for a crybaby audience. Islam is Not a Race (Restatement) that has already been reuploaded once because of attempts to ban it. It seems I have to up things a bit. They get a video removed and another flagged so I must be doing something right. I must make at least two more videos to replace it. Maybe more.

It does need rewriting anyway, it is far too wet and wooly.

I think I need to replace it with a series of videos. Shorter, harder hitting, pulling fewer punches. That video is far too soft, it tries to be too conciliatory. On the other hand, there is always the possibility that it was flagged because it was too moderate, hoping to prod me into becoming a caricature of myself or of the nuttier elements of the movement. I must resist that temptation as well. So expect to see some kind of a response soon. I will not be censored or kept down or fenced-in.

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