It’s Labour’s Fault

Liberty GB candidate Jack Buckby will be standing in the Batley and Spen by-election which was caused by the death of Jo Cox.

I remember canvassing (for the SDP) in the early 1980s. Labour voters time and time again said that the Labour Party represents the views and interests of the British working man or the working class, and that is why they will always vote Labour. That understanding, that trust, has now been broken. Betrayed. What is the Labour Party for any longer?

I campaigned in numerous by-elections in the early 1980s, I think it was 13 in total. I knew what the people were thinking because I was asking them directly, up and down the country from the Gower peninsula to Glasgow, Peckham, Chesterfield, Croydon, Warrington, Crosby and even Coatbridge. I don’t know where the arsehole of the universe is but if it was to be given an enema you’d get a good view of it from Coatbridge. At that time the British working class had a respect for the Labour Party, and, to some degree at least that respect was mutual. It certainly is not so today. It wasn’t racists and selfish pensioners who swung the EU referendum it was white working class English voters who feel abandoned by the party which used to be their champion.

Labour deserves to lose this by-election. Good luck Jack.


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