Smoking them Out

Do you remember when it was normal to smoke? It was normal to smoke almost everywhere, anywhere. People used to smoke in shops. Shopkeepers would offer customers cigarettes! Now it is illegal to smoke in any shop, restaurant or pub. Yes, pubs! There is no tobacco advertising. Anywhere. Not on Grand Prix cars, not in the cinema and not even in the shops selling cigarettes.

How did this happen? It didn’t happen all at once. That is the key. It was a staged process. The anti-smoking lobby decided just how far they could push it and they pitched it very well. They could have asked for an outright ban on cigarettes, but that wouldn’t have worked, it wouldn’t have passed through parliament and it would not get the support of the people. But would you bet against cigarettes being banned outright now within the next decade? I wouldn’t. The process of taking medium-sized steps, all in the same direction, then appearing to be contented for a moment before taking another medium-sized step has worked wonders. Forget about whether you support the right to smoke or not just look at how the movement has achieved its aims. It has been a masterclass on how to get things done.

This is how we need to reclaim our country. We need to smoke them out. We need to copy the tactics of the anti-smoking groups and do the same sort of things against Islam as they did against cigarettes. Cigarette smokers used to think they were accepted and even welcomed, that people actually wanted them to smoke inside their cinemas and pubs. Muslims used to think we wanted Islam here and we respected Islam. NO! We were just too damn polite, just as we used to be about smokers. There was a time when if you went to somebody else’s house you could ask for an ashtray and expect to be given one even in the home of non-smokers. Today people would ask permission to smoke even if their host was already smoking, which they almost certainly wouldn’t be doing anyway. I remember the first changes, the first time when somebody said that they did mind if I smoked, and I thought it would be alright if I stood near the fireplace. How times have changed!

I look forward to the day when Islam and Sharia and the sayings of the desert warlord “prophet” are treated with the same amount of respect as a smoker on a children’s hospital asthma  ward. This is what needs to happen. We should make Muslims in the west feel as welcome as they actually are, which is as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. Transforming the culture will take time, so we must start soon.

We cannot let the leftists and the ecumenical Christians speak for us all. They don’t represent our views on anything. We don’t want no-go zones in our towns and cities where homosexuals get attacked, where women are not safe and where people are intimidated if they are not Muslims. We don’t want honour killings, arranged marriages to cousins, female genital mutilation or male genital mutilation, wives walking behind their husbands, segregated public spaces or polygamy. Why? Not because we are bigots but because THEY are bigots and barbaric. Our culture is not just different to theirs it is superior and it is about time we as a society as a whole had the courage to say so.

We need to turn the tide and stop letting the leftists and the ecumenical Christians and the rootless cosmopolitans (of all ethnicities) from speaking for us. We need to make being a Muslim in Britain uncomfortable like it is to be a smoker in Britain. If they want to live a Muslim life we must make Britain and Europe be right at the bottom of your list of desirable places to live as a child-genital-abusing polygamist.


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