What is in it for Us?

For far too long now white, heterosexual men have been told to put every other group ahead of them. Women and children first. The white man’s burden. Have a heart and help the Jewish refugees. Have a heart and feed the Biafrans. Have a heart and take in the Kenyan and Ugandan Asian refugees. Have a heart and take in the refugees from Bosnia and Afghanistan and Iraq, and Libya and Syria. And next year perhaps, if Hillary gets into the White House by hook or by crook, it will be take in refugees from the war in Iran.

No. Why should we? Why is everything our responsibility? Why is every other people’s problem our problem? Why do we have to feed the world, clothe the world, free the world, save the planet and now house the world? What is it about being white that makes it all our responsibility?

What do we gain by taking in refugees from constant wars across the Muslim world? We have everything to lose: our national identity, our culture and our racial identity. Why are these things not important for us? They should be almost everything to us but we are browbeaten into not caring at all about what should matter and to spend all our energies caring for groups who despise us.

This nonsense must stop. White people, especially white men, should stop being doormats and letting the whole world ally against us. Why is it considered illegitimate for white men to organise for their own interests while every minority group is positively encouraged to conspire against us. What is sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander. Can you imagine what would happen if there was an organisation set up which was designed to get the sons of white middle-class white men into the top positions? There would be an outcry. The group would have to be disbanded and all its assets seized and all its members put on a blacklist, sorry, a shitlords list. But women and ethnic minorities can do such things and those who are successful at it get praised for it.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to see a white men’s advancement movement. I would prefer instead to see the disbanding of all groups which are in effect the white men’s disempowerment movements. But doing that without them volunteering for it would be oppressive and white men have done enough oppressing. So the only rational approach is to set up defensive groups to counter the activities of those who would stop white men advancing where their talent and drive takes them.

A hundred years ago there was quite a lot of active discrimination against Jews. Golf and country clubs and gentleman’s clubs didn’t allow Jews to be members, because they were private clubs and this was what the members wanted. This was considered evil discrimination and it was fought and largely defeated, everywhere. So there are no places which exclude Jews. So Jews are everywhere and there are no ways to organise to prevent Jews coming in and using their own in-group preferences against us. Antisemitism was evil, prejudice against the goyim was just tribal business. The way that Jews stick together and advance their own people is insidious and difficult to prevent using laws. Again what is sauce for goose should be sauce for the gander. It should be possible to argue that a small minority, 2% in the United States, and much less in Britain, should not be dominating any field whether it is banking, finance, the law or the media. If it is legitimate to say that an award ceremony is too white why isn’t it legitimate to say liberal journalism, punditry and Hollywood is too Jewish or basketball is too black?

A while ago I heard about a talented young sportsman who had to make a choice as to whether to specialise in one sport or another. He was apparently very good, if not quite world class, in both basketball and tennis. So which should he choose to specialise in? The chances of being rich or making a reasonable plodding living were similar in both sports. To me, the answer would be simple. Is he black or white? Why would any self-respecting white man want to surround himself with black people for his sporting career? To be a basketball player would mean playing, changing, showering and socialising with a group of men who were mostly black. Alternatively, he could be his own man, showering alone, playing against and alongside white men in a white culture. If that was me the choice wouldn’t be a choice at all. I’d be a tennis player. I’d rather be a second rate tennis player than the spot on the domino in a basketball team. But what if I was black?

That really is a stupid question. I am not black. I am white. There is no scenario, not even hypothetically, in which I could have been born black. That other person would be another person. I am not a soul that was picked to inhabit a particular body and live a particular life, I am what this particular body produced. You know somebody is trying to pull one over on you if they ask you to imagine being born as somebody else. They want you to argue against your own interests and in the interests of another group, or often as not, every other group except the group you actually are a member of. Have you ever come across a poor black woman being asked to imagine what she would do if she was born a rich white man? Or have you ever heard a militant homosexual being asked to imagine what he would think and feel if he was born heterosexual in a happy family of well-adjusted Lutherans? Have you ever heard of an obese Jewish feminist being asked to imagine what they would think and feel if they were born the good looking son of a midwestern farmer? No, this put yourself into the other person’s shoes weapon is only used against straight white men in the interests of every other demographic.

I am not an immortal soul. I am me, a body which has a mind that lives, and will die, in the brain. While I can equally use the phrase my mind, my body and my brain there is no me that these things belong to. This is no more difficult to understand than the tale of my granddad’s favourite muck broom, fifty years of service it gave him, all it ever needed was two new handles and five new heads. We are our minds, our brains and our bodies. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no circumstance, no game, no magical trick that could ever happen so that we become somebody else. It couldn’t happen. It won’t happen. We are who we are, the only person we could ever be. It is time we acted in our interests, as all the other groups do against us.

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