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There is no automatic sign-up to this site. Why? Because the internet is a shark-infested sea full of pirates and cutthroats where the dishonest spammers outnumber the real people by a hundred to one. Instead of a form to fill in and a series of tests to prove to a dumb computer that you are not a dumb computer and that you are really human, there is a much more straight-forward process of membership by application which is verified by a genuine human being.

If you want to become a member of this site, or indeed a contributor to it, just ask me. Send me an email and tell me who you are and what username you would like. If you are confident that your reputation precedes you that’s all you need to do. If you don’t think that I already know who you are please add a bit of supporting evidence such as your YouTube and/or Google+ accounts or Twitter feed or your profile at some other site where you are active. This isn’t compulsory but it will mean I am more likely to be able to respond to your application as soon as I see it.


You can send a personal message via email to martinsecwest  That is a graphic, not text, I hate spam as you have probably guessed by now. This is the first test that you are human and have the intellectual ability to contribute to this site. If you send a personal email you can also append a photograph or two so that I can set you an avatar and background image so your profile looks inviting and it gets you off to a good start on this site.

If you don’t want to use email for any reason you can also request membership in a similar way via a private message to me on Google+ where my account name is +MartinWillett displayed as Martin Willett with the pocket watch avatar.