Enoch Powell: Twentieth Century Tragedy

Enoch Powell was, in my opinion, clearly the smartest and ablest politician in his generation, certainly one of the top ten parliamentarians in the twentieth century, possibly even in the top five of all time. He was also a stunning failure on a scale which is every bit as big as his success, his appeal and his intellect. Of Enoch Powell, Michael Foot said: “The Tory Kingdom would sooner or later have been his to …

Rivers of Blood

Enoch Powell’s most famous speech. The BBC own the copyright on audio of the original speech and they use this ownership to ensure that the speech is never given the treatment it deserves. So to put that right I decided to record the speech myself. Doing this was rather daunting, but here it is. The full speech, no omissions, no ominous sounding music, no overlay of images designed to provoke a specific response, just the words delivered straight as if making a speech but without attempting any cheap impersonation of Enoch Powell’s remarkable oratory technique. I hope you like it.