Civilization and the EDL

Yesterday one of my YouTube videos was tweeted by what the BBC calls the Far Right English Defence League. I feel it is only right and proper that I respond to this. If you want a transcript lads, you only have to ask. I’ll give you the full script. Keep up the good work. Full script here:- We have just the back of quite an eventful year. There are obviously two huge stories which we …

England, My Lionheart (2016)

I was born in England. I’m English. Thoroughly. Completely. I was born English, raised English I speak English and I have no ambition to be anything other than English, living as an Englishman, speaking English and living with English freedoms under English law.


Eugenics need not involve any killing of any kind. While the fastest way of attaining a particular genetic goal would involve lots of breeding and culling the less successful this strikes us as unacceptable for greyhounds let alone people. But until a goal is decided upon and the value of the goal assessed the idea of anybody being in the way of the great noble experiment doesn’t even begin to arise. Killing people is wrong. You don’t have to set this aside to see some prospects of a purpose in selective breeding of our own species.